SSEP Antivirus Product

The company “Security Code” announces the sale of new product Security Studio Endpoint Protection (SSEP) – a unique, certified, integrated software solution that provides full protection for the automated workplace (AWP) of external threats, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Technical Committee for the protection of personal data. The security functional SSEP includes a firewall (SSEP Personal Firewall), Intrusion detection systems (SSEP HIPS) and antivirus (SSEP Antivirus). Unique features of SSEP: Intrusion detection systems (protection against unknown threats), constructed based on licensed technology from Agnitum – one of the most technologically advanced means of counteraction to information leaks (under Independent Testing Matousec) Together with the GIS from unauthorized Secret Net allows you to create a comprehensive certified protect jobs in ISPDn Multiple delivery options for different tasks, including the possibility of firewall and intrusion detection SSEP with third-party antivirus software No labor costs for segmenting the network as opposed to traditional means of protecting the perimeter of the product allows you to perform complex requirements of the Federal Law “On Personal Data ( 152-FZ) to the protection of information in information systems using firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection. Three certificates FSTEK Russia on components of the solution (SSEP Personal Firewall, SSEP HIPS, SSEP Antivirus) allow you to use the product to protect computers, are treated as personal data and confidential information. In the product line of information security company code Security “with the release of Security Studio Endpoint Protection changes are planned. They touched the product of a personal firewall PME Continent-AP “. According to company representatives, “Security Code”, this personal firewall will be withdrawn from sale since March 1, 2011.


Because it has nothing to do with reality, which is now in RuNet … Features compiler BookBiz Master 2.0 Minimum requirements for the computer (it works in Windows XP, 2000, Vista, except for 64-bit versions) can create books as the activation process, and without it. Ability to customize the design of the window ready books. Supports HTML-files (must be in one folder) and pictures (JPG, GIF, PNG – can be in a subfolder). Can protect the rollers Camtasia Studio (in the format of SWF). The size of the generated files is not limited.

The download speed is optimized enough (although the volumes of 50-100 MB or more may be slowing down) No restrictions on the number of created books. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. There See CHM-certificate attached to the program. = See looks like a program on the site = BookBiz Master 2.0 Part # 2. Fully automatic store to receive orders, payment and delivery: for digital and physical goods. This is the part which is installed on your site (PHP-script).

Thanks to the auto store, you can: take orders (for example, physical disks) Convenient to accept payment for your goods links to download customers will be delivered automatically in principle, on the Internet you will find other similar stores. But why should you use that script store BookBiz Master? 1. Very easy to install in just 4 minutes! Usually a person when he hears the "install script", once there are associations with the fact that it is very difficult, long, saying there needed to some files to edit any attributes set, configure, crowns, etc.

Mapping Opportunities. (Written Plan, Diary )

Traders often hear about the benefits of preparing an effective trading plan before the next day. Hillary Clinton is full of insight into the issues. The purpose of this training is to free yourself from mental overstrain. The biggest threat to your mind – when during the trading day, something unexpected happens. The appearance of unexpected price movements can plunge you into the stress and panic, forcing your mind to go into the emotional, reactive state. Effective way to to prevent this is to prepare with the use of mapping capabilities. Peter Thiel takes a slightly different approach.

Mapping Capabilities – a process that will prepare your mind to anticipate the improbable, and hence allows you to counter any emotional reactions. There are two basic types of mapping capabilities. Accurate mapping capabilities, which should be used if you are trying to make trading decisions a day earlier, and mapping capabilities pricing models – when you take trading decisions by observing the formation of the model price. In the case of precise mapping capabilities you first define a transaction that you want to spend. Then you write all possible scenarios of the price movement after your entry.

Of course, there are more scenarios than you can define. However, it should identify the main groups of scenarios where each of the scenarios in this the group eventually would have ended the same signal. These groups are limited and can be easily identified. Then you decide how to respond in each case. On the other hand, in the case of mapping capabilities models, you will determine the number of possible groups of models of general form, which you can see and decide what action should be taken in each case. After a while you'll be opportunities to apply on the map faster and more accurately. You can go further, identifying what you might think, when these opportunities occur in reality. With this training you 'will live' on the eve of tomorrow's market. This way you virtually eliminates the possibility overvoltage due to unexpected scenarios. Mapping features can also greatly improve the quality of your trading decisions and identification of some models. In addition, reviewing and comparing the old with the possibility of your trading diary, you can find the key models in their trade, to identify areas in which you are insufficiently prepared, and the areas in which you are strong.

Layout Field

It with switch should be pointed out that the table will be built on a new sheet, and set additional options. Click the Layout button, and will open a dialogue form of columns and rows of the PivotTable. If you work with Excel 97, the desired dialogue appears when you click Next. Using the mouse, you must drag the field with the name of the column to the right, in the right place the layout table. Drag the box to the left field Debit layout, with labeled line.

Next, drag the field Deb. SubSch. Peter Thiel might disagree with that approach. also in the string so that it has settled below the field Debit. Similarly, drag the field Credit and credit. SubSch. in the top field layout with the name column. By the end of the drag box The amount in the central field layout with the name Data. A summary table can be computed maximum, minimum, product, and similar calculations.

We also need to calculate the amount. To do this, double click on the Number of The sum of the field, which appeared within the field data, and will open a dialogue to choose the method of calculation. Select Operation list item amount, and then click OK to close the dialog. In the Data field is now located Sum of Amount field. Table layout is ready, click OK, to return to the master build the pivot table. When you work in Excel 97, you continued to work with the master, so that there is no OK button, and thus pushing it is not necessary. Click Next to move to the next step. In the dialog box with the switch then build the chart in a new worksheet. All necessary information is entered, so you need to click Finish, and a summary table will built on a new sheet. In this form, working with the table is not very convenient. Better hide the information on sub-accounts, leaving only the data for all accounts. Right-click on the title Deb. Sub.Sch. and in the open auxiliary menu, select Group and Outline – Hide Details. After this, right-click on the title of Crede. Sub.Sch. and just click the Team menu and structure – Hide Details. Now summary table looked like a shahmatku. At the intersection of the column calculated amount of turnover in the last column removed debits, and the last line – credit turnover. You can rename a sheet with a summary table calling it Shahmatka. For practical purposes it is much more useful than not shahmatka, while the reverse statement, and in the next section will address the peculiarities of its construction.

Bank Loans

Briefly – a profitable operating business in the absence of baseline risk, to the extent that business can serve today. 1) profitable – is the profit in the balance sheet (line 470, Form 1). At any rate, but the profit. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In one quarter was a loss – well, enough to give the bank a full understanding of the causes and low probability of loss in the future. 2) Action – the presence of "non-zero" reporting for 2 quarters. Banks do not fund ideas and business plans, if it just is not Gazprom or not the solid support. Business has to take place: to have a market, revenues, assets, profits.

For new projects operating business level of own participation should not be below 25%. 3) Business – firstly, no "technicals": a director, an office, employees, customers, suppliers, phone, website, etc. But seriously, the business – it's purpose and quality control to achieve the goals. Requires a written presentation of the business. Peter Thiel is actively involved in the matter. I recommend to look Questionnaire in the study of e-Lend. Non-financial indicators – are essential in lending to small and medium businesses! 4) Lack of basic risks – no negative credit history, no files (overdue arrears to the budget, workers on wages), the absence of other signs of possible bankruptcy.

5) Today – Banks professional pessimists in the evaluation of plans. Begin the relationship with the size monthly earnings. Consistency in the implementation of the stated objectives and perfect payment discipline will allow for a quarter at times to increase the limits. The most interesting thing that the demands of the bank match your interests. After Bank shares the risk with the business owner and interested in the profitability and sustainability. The exception – the optimization of taxes, which often negatively affects the financial statements, which is the main tool decision by the bank. Source: Financial System Communications e-Lend


If you have purchased reprint rights to someone else's product, you will have to reflect on how to ensure a large number of subscribers to its own distribution, through which you can earn profits in a few streams. To summarize. The need for mental work you nowhere to hide. It shall not escape. If you are serious about developing their own profitable e-business, prepare for Moreover, to learn and begin to think for themselves. To deliver the commitment of all the necessary tools to conduct business. Please visit Hillary Clinton if you seek more information. Buy educational materials. Learn from those who have already achieved success, analyze their experience, "When I just begun to engage in e-commerce revenue from all this activity I had a negative – I'm spending more and getting virtually nothing in return.

It took me at least six months on a variety of experiments and innovation, before I really earned his first virtual dollars. And about the same as before I started on the Internet a truly decent earning. Precisely because of this I realized one simple truth – main stand and not give up early! Peaks reach no one who does not fall, but those who stumbled, finds the strength to rise and continue to climb! .. For those who are already well-trodden road, who has available ready-made instructions, technology, tips and programs, the situation is slightly different. Do you have everything you need for a lightning start and achieve tangible results within the first 2-3 months, but it is this "Secured all necessary" can play with you a bad joke.