Program Access

One of the first to receive mass dissemination of programming language was Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), supplied with Microsoft Office. In this language, write the first program Access, automate activities of small and medium-sized businesses. Access program received a mass distribution due to availability of a development environment for users of mid-level knowledge of computer, as well as high functionality – a program form reports, store and process large data sets to verify the correctness of input information into the database, create simple, accessible user interfaces of any level (exterior forms of input and output data on the screen). Along with this, Access, and a number of characteristics peculiar to their shortcomings. One of the most significant negative characteristics of this development environment is, oddly enough, the very development environment vba. Initially, the language was designed as a supplement to the product line Microsoft Office, in particular, and for the program Access, the founder of which were previously used special macro language and has since developed a very slow, and by their typology is an interpreted, which makes it less attractive when compared with modern object-oriented programming language. Hence the negative consequences of developments in the program, Access, such as shortness of reuse, the lack of documentation on the code, and others. In addition to these obvious drawbacks, another problem – as mentioned above, the vba language designed with the expectation of the user who does not have the skills of professional programming, due to this fact, Access does not have the possibility of creating an autonomous package that plugs into the program from external sources, and they tend to excessively high openness of the code, allowing the casual user to make changes to the program, in violation of its performance. Nevertheless, it is obvious that a bad program, as well as good, you can do in any programming language – everything depends on the performer. Specialists of the company Q-sco ready to make a full analysis is used in your enterprise software, including program Access. And on the basis of expert opinion analyst, we can offer you ways to improve the information infrastructure.